Danny Ocean Biographic

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Hello, welcome one more day to my blog!

Today we will talk about Danny Ocean, my favorite artist.

 Daniel Morales, whose stage name is Danny Ocean, is a young man, 25 years old, who cultivates a "surfer" style and who has been dedicated to music since 2009, but achieved fame until the end of 2016 when he released the hit " I refuse".

The theme is not the typical reggaeton that people are accustomed to listening to. With a melancholy and soft tone, Danny expresses the pain he feels having to emigrate from Venezuela to Miami and leave his girl.

The song speaks of "a woman that I had to leave behind because I had to emigrate from Venezuela." At the beginning of the topic, a dedication was made to "all those loves who, who were forced to be separated," Danny said in an interview with the La Nación newspaper

This artist, a promise of the urban genre, is the same producer of his songs. Thanks to the success of 'Me Rehúso', he went from being a stranger to a singer signed by the Warner Music label.

The song is so overwhelming that it is choreada to all lung from the smallest to the largest. It has more than 179 million views on YouTube and the singer became the first independent artist to appear on all Latin music charts on Spotify.

I hope you liked it!